It’s incredibly important to have a system when it comes to monitoring your backlinks because things can get so confusing. Because creating a link profile is so important when it comes to ranking well on a Google search results page,

You can use 3 tools to monitor your backlinks:- Ahrefs, Ranksignals and Monitor Backlinks.


I am giving you an example with monitor backlinks in this post.


I have already shared 3 best and easiest method to create backlinks:- 1. Blog Commenting 2. Directory Submitting 3. YouTube Video Description.

For Keyword Research You can use tools like KWfinder or Long Tail Pro.

Companies and individuals are finding tons of creative ways to earn a variety of links—infographics, forums and comments, cross-linking, social media networks, contributing guest articles, etc. It’s best to start creating a strategy for monitoring your links early so you can benefit later as your backlinks start to add up.

Keeping everything straight is a great way to find new link building opportunities as well as make sure that no spam websites are pointing back to your site in any way (Google will bring your rankings down if you’re connected to spam-type websites).

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You want to make sure you have authoritative links, and you want to make sure that the links you have earned remain active, and the Monitor Backlinks tool is a way to make that happen.

How the Monitor Backlinks Tool Works

You sign up here first and then will have access to your account and your personal dashboard. On the dashboard you will have the option to add links or domains. You have two different options when it comes to adding your links, which are shown in the screenshot below:

monitor backlinks signup

If you choose the option where you connect with Google Analytics, you’ll also be prompted to add in your competition. This is a really great feature and it’s all automated, so you don’t have to do much work (side note: it can take up to 24 hours to gather all of the data). Once you choose what you want to do, you’ll have all of the different options discussed above and you’ll be able to see them all on your dashboard. As you can see from my sample dashboard below, I can filter all of my links to make things easier and even export the links if I wanted to back up all of the information:

monitor backlinks dashboard

If neither of these options work for you, you can scroll down the page just a bit and see three other options: Check your backlinks for free, import links from a CSV file, or bookmarklet (adding from the browser).

Monitor Backlinks Pricing Options

Prices vary from $19 to $99 per month with the option to create a custom package with a custom price.

The particular trial that I used was the premium version, or the version that allows you to monitor the most backlinks, because it gives you access to everything. This package typically costs $99 per month, but you can try it for 30 days free. This is what I did at first and the plan I’m going to stick with after the 30 day trial.

The Monitor Backlinks Verdict: Easy to Use with Excellent and Relevant Options

First, this tool was incredibly easy to use. As you can see from the dashboard screenshot above, you have filters you can use that don’t take you to another page or leave you feeling like you can’t find your data. It’s really all there, in one place, and I know exactly how to see it and exactly how to add more domains and more likes (a big red “+Add” button is just what I need when worrying about something as confusing as backlinks).

Second, because I can connect with my Google Analytics, I really felt like I was able to get a clear picture of all the links without missing a beat. It wasn’t my responsibility or the tool’s responsibility to find the links—it was Google Analytics, which is something I trust. Overall I felt incredibly confident using this tool and I know that there are tons of possibilities the more I add to it.

Lastly when it comes to pricing, I would say that the tool is priced well. You have many different options and different plans (more than the usual 3), and I don’t think many would really need to monitor an unlimited amount of domains, so that brings down the price. In comparison to other tools of its kind, this one is definitely the best I’ve seen and something every serious link builder, guest blogger, or SEO should have in his/her toolbox.

A Few Issues with the Monitor Backlinks Tool

The thing I found a little bit confusing was the dropdown menus at the top of the screen, one labeled “dashboard” and one labeled “SEO tools.” It took me a while to realize that these even existed, and when you click on an option it takes you to an entirely new page that might be a bit confusing. Almost everything is in one place except for these few choices.


Below is a screenshot of the choices you have that you could easily miss:

monitor backlinks navigation

monitor backlinks navigation 2

You also have a credit system for the Advanced Backlink Checker tool that doesn’t seem to be discussed much. This is something else that I missed, and I was left confused about how I earned credits and why I wanted them.


I got an email from the CEO saying I earned one credit, and this left me confused. You can find your credits under your profile picture in the top right hand corner, and when you click it you see this screen:

monitor backlinks pricing options

Apparently you buy credits, but I wasn’t really aware that this was an option so I had to spend some time deciding if the Advanced Backlink Checker tool was really worth it. In the end, I just felt like any type of credit system was making things disorganized.

Cool Extra Features Monitor Backlinks Offers

What makes a tool go from great to absolutely amazing are the little extra things that the company does to help make your life easier. I found a few of these little hidden gems as I’ve gone through and used the tool:

  • There is a live chat option at the bottom right-hand corner of your screen so you can ask any question, any time.
  • CEO Razvan Girmacea actually emailed me as soon as I started my premium version trial to let me know who he was and how I can contact him if I need anything. This isn’t something I’ve found with any other tool, so it was a great feature.
  • If you post your Monitor Backlinks custom link on your Facebook or Twitter page, the company will actually give you $25 for each user that signs up for a premium account.

If you’re interested in getting started with a free trial of Monitor Backlinks, visit this link. Here you will find pricing information and be able to sign up in a matter of seconds. Once you do sign up, come back and let us know what you think of the tool.

How to Monitor Your Backlinks To Stay ahead from Your Competitors

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